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The E-Z Brace™ was born out of the constant need to fix sagging, dragging, sticking wood fence gates.We at EZ-Brace decided that constant call backs to re-adjust the customer's fence gate was eating away at everyone's bottom line. Our ingenuity kicked in and we created what is the #1 gate brace on the market. We have designed our E-Z Brace to come out of the box an onto the gate. Pre-assembled from the factory, our EZ-Brace has two attached pieces of angle that swivel to allow you to mount either on the right-side or left-side, depending on where your hinges are, and can be applied to virtually any wood fence gate application.

Our E-Z Brace is installed in just minutes. In the event that your gate sags a little due to the posts or hinge hardware adjusting, just remove the two self-tapping metal screws, adjust the gate up and reinstall the screws.

If you have questions, comments or concerns or just want to tell us how great our product is, please feel free to contact as at any time. We will be more then happy to assist you with whatever you need. At E-Z Brace, we stand behind our product 100% and look forward to talking to you about it.
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